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What Customers Are Saying About Iguana Oil:

Umbar Interagro, Z Stallion Farms
“Iguana Oil is the only product I use to protect my Lusitanos from flies and gnats. It really works!”

Sherie Zobec, Z Stallion Farms

"I am around 70 horses here everyday and we need a flying insect product that is safe and really works. I like how Iguana Oil smells and feels, and I like that I am using something totally natural and safe for me as well as the horses."

Tara Jacobs, Barn Manager, Martin Downs Equestrian Center
"I took Iguana Oil to a 2-day horse show in New York State this summer where there were plenty of gnats, flies, and mosquitoes around the field. I used Iguana Oil before I did repairs to saddles while they were on the customer's horses in the field and I was not getting bitten by anything."

Charles Tota, Wellington, FL

"I work at a marina surrounded by mangroves and at low tide and no breeze, you get eaten alive by the no-see-ums. I had to supervise the repair of one of our docks late one afternoon when the no-see-ums are the worst and using Iguana Oil, the no-see-ums stayed away from me but were eating the men working on the dock. It is a great product."

Karen T.
Dockmaster, Hobe Sound, FL

"I had Iguana Oil on when I took a group out for a trail ride in the woods where the horses always get bothered by flies and they bother the riders too. I wasn't getting bothered by the flies and I noticed my horse wasn't bothered by them either - just because I had Iguana Oil on."

Christine R., Warm Springs, GA